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Benefits of the Righelp.com Job Board

Streamlined Service  Provides Results

Are you tired of paying huge fees only to be handled a pile of worthless leads? Righelp is designed to simplify the process by helping you find qualified leads with a cost effective straight forward approach. Traditionally employers paid a fixed rate for posting a job. With our new system employers only pay for qualified applicants. This eliminates the stress and tedious work of wading through countless unqualified applicants. 

How Does it Work? 

This is how it works - an employer posts jobs for FREE on the righelp system and only pay when a qualified application is delivered. No leads – NO fee. This system works to deliver quality applications to employers.  Click HERE to get it FREE!

Targeted Qualified Contacts 

Have you ever calculated the cost to generate a qualified application using the old aggregater "pay per click" campaign... and then wanted to cry? Righelp eliminates this old system. We charge less than for a cup of coffee for only
the applicants you select to interview. This will save your business thousands in HR initiatives.

Advantage over Traditional Recruiting 

The righelp service enables employers to reduce the amount of time and effort necessary using the old traditional approach towards recruitment.

To gather as many qualified applicants as possible we automatically post your jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social networks.
  • We are like a business insurance for employers with No Leads - NO Fee service.
  • No wading through junk applications of unqualifed people sent to make it look like big results.
  • Access thousands of unique visitors while protecting job seeker privacy.
We understand time is money and we know how to mazimize results for the best outcome.
iPhone Application - An innovative way for users to access righelp.com from their iPhones. Learn More
Download it NOW for FREE.