Mark D Sutfin

  • Data Analyst
  • Greenwood Village, CO, USA
  • Jun 05, 2018
Full time Banking

Personal Summary

Mark Sutfin

Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

Skill (years)

Business Analyst (5)

Data Analyst (10)

Security Analyst (2)

Technical Writer(4)

HIPAA Officer(2)

QA / Application Testing (2)

Data Quality / Governance (2)

Python Scripting (3) - Python Web (<1)

Splunk Engineer (1+)

ETL (2)

SQL Developer (2)

Linux (5) | Windows (10) | Unix (2) | VM (6)

SDLC (10)

Digital Forensics (<1)


• CEH | Security+ | Splunk Power User | Network+ | HIPPA Officer



• Python for Data Science June 6– June 21 2018 (online / on-demand)

Meetups - weekly

• Agile – Plan the next Sprint

• Python

Community Volunteer

• ECCouncil - CEH exam beta tester

• Pearson Publishing - Technical product reviewer / proof reader of Industry / Professional books

Personality / Temperament

• I take after Sherlock Holmes rather than Dr. Watson.

• I balance asking difficult questions with common sense and timing

• I recognize when things are broken and I fix them.

• I own my work.

• I'm marketable - internally because of my integrity and externally because I bring respect to your brand.


• Expert process flow analysis and documentation skills. (Ask me how I saved an employer 100K/yr)

• Strong interpersonal skills - ability to interact with people at all levels of the organization

• Forensic-oriented

• Ability to work cross-functionally – adept with conflict resolution

• Advanced communication skills allow presenting technical ideas to non-technical people and connecting techies with business needs and user requirements

• Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously - proceed with minimal supervision

• Quickly learn new responsibilities, functions, systems and software

• Self-motivated, proactive, iterative, incremental and evolutionary

• Whatever, Wherever, Whenever attitude

Business Analysis / Technical Writing (samples available)

• Competent requirements elicitation techniques (observation, survey, brainstorm…)

Translate business concepts to technical implementations

•Exceptional at discovering the ‘WHY’ beneath the ‘WHAT’ and helping users steer clear of ‘HOW’

• Experienced in determining the right areas for improvement (cost/resource based analysis)

• Identify and document scope changes and perform impact analysis

• Advanced skills for reading, writing, and interpreting technical documentation

• Assist in or provide department/team and end-user training

• Work with end users to develop UI (screen mockups / wireframe)

Develop and maintain all technical documentation. (samples available upon request)

Technical expertise regarding data models, database design and use cases, user stories

Scrum / Agile

Data Analysis

• Design and implement data platforms and processes to capture, integrate, analyze and distribute information in the enterprise

• Identify strategy, tools required, design and implement solutions for data ingestion, storage, processing and provisioning using data platform

• Legacy system conversion, data migration, database conversion and data mining

Strong analytical skills to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information

Troubleshoot system issues to identify potential system/process improvement

Identify, analyze, correlate and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets

• Experience using standard tools to acquire production data or manually create test data

• Data onboarding with inline data conversion and cleanup

Data/Process/Application Quality Assurance

Hands-on QA and UAT testing of modifications/new systems with defect tracking/reporting

Accomplished at identifying where data and program errors are introduced

• Tools/techniques for assessing and eliminating root causes of data failures

Define data quality rules, policies and procedures

Implement continuous oversight/auditing of data quality compliance

• Understand the importance of data accuracy and completeness; timeliness in providing access to the data; consistency and uniqueness of data within and across data sets


• Familiar with ETL tools (Pentaho, Talend) and reporting packages (Tableau, Splunk)

• Oversee data extraction, transformation and load from variety of data stores

Assist in the design and implementation of Enterprise Data Warehouse

• Maintain detailed documentation for data warehouse and procedures

• Experienced in data integration, migration, data profiling, validation, verification and cleansing

• Perform logical to physical data mapping


• select, update, insert, delete

• sort, limiting output (is/is not null, ifnull, coalesce), and/or, distinct

• inner/outer joins, union

• temporary tables

• tables/columns/indexes – create, alter, drop, rename

• constraints – not null, unique, PK, FK, check, default

• index creation / auto increment

• date, aggregation and SQL functions

• hands-on development of procs, UDFs, triggers, views

• user accounts, connection parms (interactive, batch), preference/option files, environment vars

• import/export/load external files/data

• vendor package install/upgrade/patch maintenance

• performance tuning, query plans, optimizer


build from source

• network and data analysis related code

• strings, numbers, variables, objects, type conversion, precedence

• lists, tuples, dictionaries and sets

• code structures (while, if, for), iterables, comprehensions

• functions (nested), closures, generators and decorators

• comparators, logical and conditional operators

• filehandles, file manipulation, file tests

• modules, packages and programs

• python best practices

• regular expressions (advanced)

• pycharm, repl, vim, json

Python Web

• User management, including secure password handling, logins, user profiles and avatars

• Database management and database migration support

• Handling of user input via web forms

• Pagination of long lists of items

• Full-text search

• Email notifications to users

• HTML templates

• Working with dates and times

• Internationalization and localization

• Installation on a production server

• Working with Docker containers

• Application Programming Interfaces

• Push notifications

• Background jobs

Cyber Security

• Familiar with PICERL phases of incident management

• Splunk ES, Incident Review, Splunk 6.5.2

• DDoS mitigation with Arbor (Peakview), managed object configuration

• Comprehensive static data analysis (syslog and windows event logs)

• Python scripting and forensics / advanced regular expressions

Footprinting and Recon - Robtex, Google dorking, SmartWhois, traceroute, ping, nslookup

Network Scanning – nmap, tcpdump

Vulnerability Assessment - metasploit

Enumeration – nbtstat, dig

Packet Analysis | Sniffing – wireshark, tshark, ncat

Alert Logic, HPNA, whois, dig, shodan, qualys, remedy, samhain


• Splunk ES for incident response

• Basics of splunk API and splunk SDK

• Create searches, reports, dashboards, charts, alerts and apps based on business requirements

• Data acquisition / onboarding using Splunk Web

• Ability to write regex to perform field extractions at search time

• Experience writing Splunk queries to create Splunk dashboards / reports